SlimLinux is a complete network operating system based on the linux kernel and other open software. It runs entirely off a floppy disk with built-in kernel support IDE/ATAPI devices (plan to add NIC BootROM and better FlashATA support). The first version was based on LRP, with patches from Joshua Jackson's port. In recent versions, development has forked vastly and is now based on the ECL core utilizing the linux 2.4 kernel. SlimLinux has a number of applications available to run via a variety of AppPacks (router/firewall, dhcp/dns/web server, vpn connector, dumb terminal). It currently requires a minimum hardware configuration of the following components for the base system: 386 processor, 8MB ram, 1.44MB floppy, NIC (NOTE: AppPacks will require greater hardware specs). Right now, we only support the x86 architecture, but SlimLinux could be easily be ported to any processor with a GNU compiler (as far as we know).

SlimLinux is being developed at OTSOFT. We are also writing the Cisclone frontend. It is a much expanded version of this project, designed to provide configuration commands similar to Cisco hardware, making it easier for Cisco professionals to use Linux-based equipment.




Red represents projects with pre-release (alpha/beta) status. Projects in green are ready for enterprise deployment.